1. Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’m like in real life

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    I thought I’d share this really cool app with you guys. It’s by Spritz and its purpose is to help us read faster. In the 1st gif it is running just a bit above the average reading speed of 250 WPM. It jumps to 400 WPM in the 2nd gif and then an impressive 600 WPM in the last gif. This app would help students learn faster. It would also help kids with attention problems study better.



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    Little Girl Wants to Know How to Deal with Being Called a Nerd, Wil Wheaton Responds 

    And as usual, he does it quite eloquently. This video is the perfect companion to another video featuring wilwheaton on Why it’s Awesome to be a Nerd.”

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  4. Anybody want to play Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS with me? Comment your friend code and we can play! I just got it today so pretty much a noob, but ya know :P


  5. My goal is to follow everyone who LOVES Tmnt,REBLOG if you love tmnt


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    No Bullshit Pixel Art Tutorial — Week 1

    retronatorThis is my attempt to start sharing everything I know about pixel art as concisely as possible. It comes in the form of focused tips, packaged into 10 second videos. The intro + first two are already online. The rest of Week 1 will air one per day for the rest of the week. Go view them at: giveit100.com/pixelart

    The slides above expand on the videos and act as cheat sheets on the topics I cover. Like & reblog if you want to support this project.

    Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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    This beer wants to be your workout buddy. Get the scoop.


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    Charizard as the Skyrim logo.


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    Designing a timeless smartwatch
    Gábor Balogh is a freelance designer from Hungary who, like many of us, wants an attractive, watch-like watch that just happens to be smart. The difference between Balogh and the rest of us is he went ahead and designed an interface he believes could enable regular watch designs to include a full bevy of smart features.

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